Stoner Valentine’s Day Idea #420

Time to get crafty and let your favorite smoking buddy or crush just how special they are.
This is a perfect crafty idea to do while stoned.
Step 1: Buy a box of chocolates with a fun box design, size is up to you! Eat the candy or share with a friend.

Step 2: Cut a heart out of paper, and create map that looks like the chocolate trays slots. Feel free to get even more colorful by using different color makers and colored pencils.

Step 3: Start filling your tray with your favorite kinds of weed and as you fill a slot right it down on the map you created, so you don’t forget! You can repeat the same strain or try to fill it with all different varieties.


Step 4: Pair you box of dank deliciousness with a Gay Pigeon Card and give to your favorite smoking buddy for an original Valentine’s Day gift, okuurrr!

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